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Setting the Night on Fire

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Golden, BC

The Rockwater

Aug 26/22

Fernie, BC

The Fernie Hotel

Aug 27/22

In the city of E-ville, Deadmonton Hellberta, under a fiery glow of a blood moon in October 2014, with autumn rust igniting the landscape like a massive funeral pyre, The Devil’s Sons were spawned.

Playing psychotic Rock n’ Roll with elements of punk, metal and of course psychobilly, they create demonic sounds resonating from the belly of the beast himself.

Rob Stevenson Keyboards/Vocals
Johhny Crash Drums
Brad Graves Vocals/Guitars
Fernando D’Los Diablos Bull Fiddle/Vocals
Carmen Jak Guitars/Vocals

Together the band blasts out their songs with a hellishly melodic ferocity, forcing anyone in attendance as if possessed, to get out of their seats and start moving and shaking to the spellbinding rhythms piercing through their souls.

With an energetic live show, The Devil’s Sons have played throughout their home province of Alberta, as well as doing several regional tours across western Canada. They have shared the stage with acts such as The Headstones, Mad Caddies, The Creepshow, The Planet Smashers, The Real MacKenzies and many more. The band has received air play in many university stations across Canada including CJSR in Edmonton and 94.9 in London, Ontario in which they were the most requested band on the program Shakin Katz Radio in 2019.
Now armed with a new full length album, Broken Bones, Bottles and Hearts being released by Wasted Wax Records, The Devil’s Sons are ready to take stages by storm once again. Check them out when they come rolling through your town.
This ain’t no mumbo jumbo, this is Rock n’ Roll!
This is The Devil’s music!!!


Setting the Night on Fire 3:13

Lyrics Video for the latest single!

Stream the Single:

More Stitches Than Friends 6:03

Cruise along with Frankie as he chases his dream of being a Devil’s Son!

Stream the Single:

Bloodline 2:57

The Devil’s Sons, with the track “Blood line”. Video shot with a GoPro4 and edited with Adobe Premiere. Music recorded at The Physics Lab in Edmonton, Alberta

A War Inside 4:13

Angel of Pain 3:12

We’re alive! And being tortured in our new Angel of Pain video. It’s an oldie but a goodie! Stay tuned for a huge announcement coming soon. Stay evil gals and ghouls!

Edited by Ryan Twostix


Stray from the Pack and Murder 4:35

Directed by Barrett Klesko
FadeBack Studios United

Special effects makeup by Molly Rasmussen

Set assistants:
Danny Paiement
Cory Lamble

With Vengeance 3:48

Filmed by Matt Jak & Jonathan Ellis
Editing and Post Production by Jonathan Ellis
Brought to you by TDS Records & Batcave Records

Get the Godless Creatures Album

Satan’s Laughing 4:36

Lyrics video.

Created by Johhny Crash.

Revenge Is Mine 2:58

Get the Black Moonshine Album or listen to the original by The Quakes

The Devil's Sons on Youtube

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